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Essential Element #2:

Media that Works

Video Content

Once we’ve pinpointed your target audience, we move onto the next essential element of an effective marketing campaign: great marketing content.

There’s nothing better for boosting your business’s online presence than video content that tells your story in a professional and compelling way. On social media platforms, videos grab attention. When posted on your website, videos help your business come up in online searches. And we know that prospects who see professionally-produced videos are more likely to become customers.

Planning, shooting and editing professional, affordable videos is difficult for many business owners, so GeoTarget makes it easy for you. Here’s how:

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Step 1: Create a marketing message that resonates.

We work with you to develop messaging that best expresses the most important facts about your product or service. We help create the scripting and content to ensure that your business’s unique selling proposition is crystal clear. When this messaging reaches prospects, they’ll know they should choose you.

Step 2: Deploy our team of content marketing professionals.

Once you’re happy with your messaging plan, Geotarget is here to help you with the production. After all, even the best messaging doesn’t get far unless a pro shoots it on high-quality equipment.

We employ a nationwide team of more than 85 seasoned videographers who come to your business location and film. These highly skilled creatives know exactly what to do to present your business, your team, and you in your very best light.

Next, we send the raw footage to our team of video editors, all of whom have training and experience in best practices for video marketing.

Your vision, our execution.

You can personalize your marketing content to make it as effective as possible. In addition to customized videos, we do also take photographs, create static ads, develop GIFs and create other content based on what our data indicates will resonate with your consumer base.

Got good marketing content already?

If you’ve already created marketing media that’s proven to bring in customers, we can develop a distribution strategy and generate a campaign around your content.
We’ve targeted your audience and created your marketing collateral. Now it’s time to put together the right media mix to most effectively reach your prospects.

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