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Essential Element #4:

Know Your Marketing Is Working

Delivering high-quality content to your target audience is Geotarget’s highest priority. But for most small businesses, the top priority is getting results. The best way to ensure that you’re happy with your results is to provide you with complete transparency about how your campaign is doing at any given time.
That’s why Geotarget built a private customer dashboard that allows you to review your campaign metrics in real time. We want to ensure that you can see exactly where your message is being shown, who’s seeing it, and which channels are providing you with the strongest performance.

Here’s What You Learn from Your Marketing Dashboard

Each of our clients has a username and password to a portal showing exactly how their campaigns are performing. Our reporting will tell you whose viewing by age group, gender, income level, and geography. Our reporting will tell you how often they are viewing, how long they are viewing.

And, you’ll see placement reports that itemize exactly where your targets are viewing your message–which games, apps, websites or YouTube channels, for example.

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It’s one thing to see your campaign results online, but it’s another to work with a campaign coordinator to iterate for success.

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