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Essential Element #5:

Collaborate for Success

Campaign Collaboration

Great marketing campaigns are born of collaboration. We’ve found that feedback from our clients is just as important as the metrics we’re all seeing on the marketing dashboard. For example, we want to hear that you and your staff are hearing from people in the community who have seen your marketing. If you are not hearing from folks who have noticed your marketing, we need to know that so we can make some changes.
As we understand both the qualitative feedback and the quantitative metrics, we are better able to make decisions across your marketing campaigns that boosts your business’s ability to bring in prospective customers.
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Personal Service

We connect you with a personal campaign coordinator who will meet with you at least once a month to share the highlights of how your targeted marketing campaign is performing. Each month, working around your schedule, your campaign coordinator speaks with you to discuss what’s working well, and what in your campaign needs to be optimized. Example: Even if you selected a specific media mix at the outset of your campaign, you can adjust that at any time based on your results.
The final component of a great marketing campaign: daily monitoring and real time adjustments to best utilize your ad dollars.

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