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Geotargeted Marketing for Dentists

Grow Your Dental Practice With Location-Based Advertising

Geotargeted marketing lets you deliver the right message to the right people, exactly when and where it’s most effective—helping you get the most out of your ad dollars and become the best-known dental practice in your community.

What is geotargeted marketing?

Geotargeted—or geofencing—marketing is a form of marketing that allows advertisers to send ads to internet users in a specific location. Marketers draw a boundary or a radius to define an area they choose. Once people surf the internet, play games, use apps, or watch videos on their phone inside that area, they may receive those ads. Users outside these areas won’t see these ads.

How can geofencing marketing benefit my dental practice?

Location-based advertising has a lot to offer businesses like your dental or orthodontic practice. That’s why it’s one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising in the country. Here’s what this game-changing ad technology has to offer:
  • Selection. With geotargeted marketing, you get to choose your patients. You can create filters to exclude all but your ideal client, ensuring your message gets to the right people—and nobody else.
  • Efficiency. Unlike traditional mass advertising, location-based advertising allows you to send ads only to people who are most likely to be interested in your practice. That means you’re only paying for ads that are likely to perform.
  • Effectiveness. Targeting the right people with the right message means a much higher rate of success. Geofencing marketing brings real results, not just clicks.
“They have done such amazing things for my two locations. I have an office in Boca and an office in Boynton and they have gotten me more patients than I can imagine. I have patients that come in say “we saw you on YouTube, we saw you here” and that is all because of what Geotarget did.” - Dr. Rosemary Baghdassarian, HAB Dental

What can GeoTarget offer my dental practice?

There is no shortage of marketing companies that make huge claims but deliver underwhelming results. At GeoTarget, we won’t promise you the moon, but there are several things we’re happy to guarantee.
  • Transparency. All of our clients get their own personalized cloud-based dashboard with real-time results. That means you’ll see the exact same data we do. 
  • Dedication. When you join us, you’ll get a marketing team dedicated to you and your dental practice, so when you reach out for help or advice, you’ll get someone you know and who knows your business. Every time.
  • Communication. It takes both of us to create and manage a successful campaign for your dental or orthodontic practice. That’s why we maintain solid lines of communication with all of our clients, making sure we’re always doing the best job we can.
  • Optimization. When we launch a campaign, our work is just beginning. By digging through data and constantly revising and refining our approach, your campaign will perform better over time as we get closer and closer to perfection.
  • Exclusivity. We know how effective our services can be. That’s why we guarantee that we’ll work exclusively for you in your industry and area long as you’re with us. You’ll be the only dentist or orthodontist in your community we work with.


At GeoTarget, we know just how important and personal your dental practice is to you. When you sign with us, we’ll work tirelessly to represent your company the way you want it represented to the people you want as your patients. Location-based marketing doesn’t just help you build a business, it helps you build a community.

Video marketing: the most effective way to build trust

Building a sense of trust and familiarity with your clients is a tough—but important—job for any dentist. But that’s exactly where video marketing excels.

The best way to deliver your message is to do it yourself. Geotargeted video ads put your face, your voice, and your message directly in front of the people you most need to reach when and where it’s most effective to reach them. With a strong message, precise targeting, and just enough repetition, you’ll become a familiar—and then trusted—face in your community.

Our team of video professionals will work with you to build a campaign that captures everything that’s uniquely wonderful about you and your business.  When the right people see your message, they’ll be much more likely to remember it. While people only retain 10% of a message when they read it, studies show they retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video.

There is simply no better way to endear people to you and your dental practice.

You can see some examples of our work below.


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