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What We're About

Geotarget started with a simple idea: help businesses get in front of their ideal customers as effectively and efficiently as possible.

That’s it. No marketing jargon. No complicated, roundabout explanations.


Just a high-quality, useful service for business large, small, and everything in between, all at a fair price. That might sound quaint, or even old-fashioned in the world of digital marketing, but it’s what we believe in. And it’s worked for us and for our clients.

Beyond clicks.

Since the beginning, we’ve helped companies of all sizes use targeting to run effective and efficient campaigns that maximize their advertising dollars and grow their businesses. That’s because our campaigns do more than just gain clicks and conversions–they inspire brand affinity and create loyal customers.

With more than 1,000 small business clients, and thousands of campaigns under our belts, our team knows exactly how to make your limited ad dollars go further than ever before.

Data-driven decisions.
Human-driven relationships.

While we rely on data to help us make targeting decisions, we put humans first when it comes to our company and yours. Our team is made up of passionate, qualified experts who love nothing more than to see our clients succeed. We work closely with our clients to understand what makes them and their companies tick, and to learn what their dreams are and how we can help them achieve them.

Results built on trust.

Over the years, we’ve built Geotarget into one of the country’s most respected targeted advertising solutions. We’ve done that by consistently delivering meaningful results that power growth and bring companies closer to their customers. Along the way, we’ve developed lasting, meaningful relationships with those clients based on trust, transparency, and accountability. There’s no smoke and mirrors here. Just results.

We think that’s how it should be: simple. If you do too, let’s start a conversation.

Meet Our Team

Meet the team that makes Geotarget campaigns a success.

Paul Mason, Founder and Managing Director

Paul’s knack for geo-targeted marketing and sales began when he was just eight years old. When exploring the terrain surrounding a local golf course, he discovered the spots where balls landed when golfers hit them into the woods. Paul gathered the golf balls, set up a stand near a public road where the golf carts crossed, and built a profitable used golf ball business. Even then, the budding entrepreneur understood the need to meet your customer at the right place, at the right time, with exactly what they need. Later in his career, Paul launched and grew a successful retail business—a chain of locations throughout South Carolina and the Midwest. Marketing was what Paul loves most about business. His mission is to help other entrepreneurs who want to harness marketing tools to grow their own businesses. Early on, Paul specialized in display advertising that appears on shopping carts, store displays, and register tape. These days, Paul helps small businesses deploy cutting-edge digital marketing technology to discover and reach the best prospects in their areas. Like those boyhood days as a used-golf-ball entrepreneur, he’s passionate about helping Geotarget’s customers reach the right customer with the right message at exactly the right time.

Tara Stofsky, Director of Operations

Tara manages the day-to-day operations at Geotarget and has been with the company since its inception in May of 2019. Tara and her team strive to ensure quality, performance, as well as excellent customer service.

Kevin Renert, National Sales Manager

Kevin has been with Geotarget since its start. In addition to being a key sales leader, Kevin trains and manages the Geotarget Sales Team. Kevin builds and retains high-performance teams through hiring, developing, training, and motivating skilled professionals.

Shelley Fiddner, Sales Representative

Shelley has been strengthening the presence of small businesses in their communities since 2018. As a seasoned marketing consultant, she specializes in building brand awareness for small and medium-sized businesses. Shelley’s work ethic and dedication make her a valued asset to our team.

Kristina Pfau, Campaign Coordinator

Kristina has been a Campaign Coordinator with Geotarget since February 2020. She helps monitor campaign performance and works with our customers to ensure their campaigns are optimized for success.

Kristy Fiddner, Campaign Coordinator

Kristy has been a Campaign Coordinator with Geotarget since November of 2020. She helps track the performance of client campaigns and uses that data to help those clients refine and optimize those campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Jesse Dillard, Local Marketing Consultant

Jesse has been a consultant with Geotarget since July of 2020. Prior to joining Geotarget, Jesse was a Marketing Consultant for Adcart for over six years. He now brings his intimate knowledge of local advertising principles and strategies to our team.

Jason Trocki, Marketing Consultant

Jason has been with Geotarget for just over a year as a Marketing Consultant in Phoenix, Arizona. He's passionate about helping businesses grow by providing custom highly targeted advertising campaigns that connect business owners with their exact target audience.

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