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Geotargeted Marketing for Real Estate Agents

How Location-Based Marketing Helps Real Estate Agents Become Best-Known

As a real estate agent, you know your local market. But does your local market know you? With location-based marketing, you can make sure they do. By targeting your ideal client and delivering them the right message at the right time and place, you can build your reputation as the real estate agent to turn to in your community—all at a cost that’s within your budget.

What is geotargeted marketing?

Geotargeted marketing uses a technology called geofencing to deliver ads to specific users in specific, pre-defined locations.

An advertiser chooses a specific area or business to target, drawing a border or radius around that location. When someone matching any demographic and behavior filters uses their mobile phone to do watch videos, surf the web, use apps, or play games inside the targeted area, they’ll receive the advertisements. Users outside that specific area won’t, resulting in ultra-precise targeting and delivery.

How can location-based marketing benefit my real estate business?

In real estate, your name is your business. And when it comes to building name recognition in a local market, geotargeted marketing is as effective as it gets. When you focus on your local market, you can deliver ads that speak directly to the people and culture of your community, showing off your deep understanding of your area in the process.

Here are some of the benefits location-based advertising has to offer local real estate agents like yourself:

  • Selection. As a real estate agent, you can’t help everyone. The more successful your business gets, the more important it is to choose clients who fit your business model and exclude the ones who don’t. Location-based advertising allows you to select who sees your ad to begin with and tailor your message to exactly those people.
  • Budget-friendliness. With geotargeted digital marketing, you get to set your ad spend at any amount you want. That means you’ve got options regardless of your budget. In addition, since you’ll be sending ads only to people who are likely to engage with them, you won’t be spending money on ads that don’t have much of a chance at bringing you anything back in return.
  • Strategy. Location-based advertising allows for entirely new forms of targeting. Got a hot neighborhood in your town with a lot of drive-by viewings? You can set up a geofence around the area and deliver ads that reference the neighborhood and your expertise in the area. The possibilities are endless.

What can GeoTarget offer real estate agents?

At GeoTarget, we understand the personal, individual nature of your business. You are your business, and we know that your marketing strategy needs to address your unique goals, needs, and challenges. That’s why we don’t make vague, blanket promises about clicks or conversions. Instead, we guarantee that we will work tirelessly with you to create geotargeted marketing campaigns that are hand-tailored to your real estate business.

Here are a few things you can always count on with GeoTarget.

  • Transparency. All of our clients receive their own personalized cloud-based advertising dashboard. This dashboard lets you see all your data and results in real-time just as we see it. Not only does this allow you to verify what we’re telling you, it can also give you unique insights into your business.
  • Dedication. When you sign up with GeoTarget, you’ll get your very own marketing team. That team, as much as possible, will stay with you as long as we work together. So rather than third-party tech support, you’ll be able to reach out to someone you know who understands the ins and outs of your campaigns and your business whenever you need to. 
  • Communication. Open, honest communication is everything to us. You’ll meet with your marketing team regularly to discuss your campaigns and how to improve them, but they’ll also be available to answer questions and provide information on a short turnaround.
  • Optimization. You’ll start to see results as soon as your campaign launches, but that’s just the beginning. As your campaign brings more data back, your marketing team will be able to refine elements of it to make it more and more efficient and effective with every iteration.
  • Exclusivity. We are completely dedicated to ensuring all of our clients outperform their competition and become best-known in their local markets. That’s why we guarantee complete exclusivity to each of them. As long as we work together, we will never work with another real estate agent or agency in your market, meaning you get this industry leader all to yourself.
At GeoTarget, we know that becoming best-known in the competitive real estate industry is no easy task. We also know that nobody understands your clients and your market better than you. That’s why we work hand-in-hand to develop a location-based marketing plan that puts the best version of you and your business in front of the potential clients you want to reach. By taking your marketing hyperlocal, you can help build the kind of recognition and connection to your community that makes you the first name people think of when they want to buy or sell a home.

Video ads: the best way to become a hot property in your market

Becoming the best-known real estate agent in your community is all about standing out. Video can help you show off everything that makes both the professional and the person you are, building both trust and familiarity along the way. 

With targeted video ads, you can deliver a living, breathing, and smiling representation of yourself to exactly the people you need to reach when it’s most effective to reach them. With precision targeting and just enough repetition, your name and face will soon become a familiar one.

Our professional video team will help you craft a video ad that shows off your expertise in your local market, delivering a message that inspires trust from your target clients. Once you’re happy with the results, our geotargeting team will deliver these ads to just the right people at just the right time and place, helping your name become the first people think of when they’re looking to buy or sell their next home.

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