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Essential Element #1:

Find Your Ideal Customers


Targeting is the first step we take when we’re designing a marketing plan that’s customized for your business’s budget and needs. By helping your business determine exactly where your target audience is at any specific time, we can ensure that your message goes straight to them. That way, we raise the odds that your message will reach and resonate with your target audience.

Geotarget works with you to gather information about where your ideal audience lives, works and shops. We help you evaluate where those prospective customers spend their time, the online sites they visit, and the apps they use.

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Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Once we have the demographics of your ideal audience, our experienced team of market researchers and data analysts deploys a wide range of data points to find your target customers including information on age, gender, income, people who recently moved to the area, those who just had a baby, recent graduates, and a host of other life events. Our team delves into digital data to discover things like purchasing history, foot traffic behaviors, and online browsing and shopping habits.

These data-driven tactics allow us to evaluate exactly how big your target audience size might be so you get a good idea of how many prospective customers you can reach.

Sizing Your Target Audience

Next, our digital marketing team determines the size of your ideal audience. A properly-sized audience considers not only your budget but also number times each person in your idea audience sees digital ads for your business. Our data tell us that most people need to see your ad a few times before they click thru to your business’s web site, so we make sure that everyone in your target audience sees your ad several times per month.

Your target audience size will vary depending on your budget, the price point of the product or service you sell, and the geographical area you want to target. For some businesses, the ideal target audience size is 4,000. For others, it can be as high as 40,000.

After we’ve nailed down your target audience, we progress to the next essential element of your marketing campaign: great marketing content.

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