Geotarget Reaches 2 Years of Keen Marketing for 1K Small Businesses

Geotarget Reaches 2 Years of Keen Marketing for 1K Small Businesses

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Geo-fenced digital marketing agency celebrates its second anniversary of satisfying its small-business buyers despite COVID-19.

Durham, NC — During the pandemic’s continued costs to local businesses, Geotarget celebrates its second anniversary and its geo-fenced marketing for over 1,000 businesses. “Geo-targeting and geo-fencing are really cool buzzwords right now, and we thought we could sell them,” says founder Paul Mason. “But the real question was, could we renew them?”

Mason explains Geotarget’s growing customer base by pointing to the company’s unique emphasis on “selling to renew.” He and other Geotarget staff will happily comment on how their desire to sell for renewals and for a long-term, trusting relationship with their customers drives their business.

The Geotarget team has earned success because its mission — shrinking geo- targeted marketing so that any small business can afford it — serves its customers so well that they continue its services. “It’s all about renewal,” said National Sales Manager Kevin Renert, who was the company’s first salesperson. “Anyone can sell anything once, it’s about getting someone to sign up again.”

But the unique value proposition at Geotarget is more than its customer-first sales, according to Director of Operations Tara Stofsky. “We’re still evolving,” says Stofsky. Geotarget today offers real-time, campaign-report dashboards to their customers, but it had first begun with regular campaign analytics reports instead. Stofsky expects they could change again according to customers’ needs. “There will probably be more things we add to the dashboard as time goes on.”

Mason agrees, and on the company’s two-year milestone, he looks to the future. “With Geotarget, it’s constant improvement,” he says. “It wouldn’t surprise any of us if our product looked completely different in five years.”

About Geotarget: Founded in 2019, this marketing agency employs the three employees already mentioned along with other staff and 86 videographers across the U.S. In 2021, Geotarget has earned $4 million in revenue. It provides quality video messages, static ads, geo-targeted digital placements, and interactive campaign-report dashboards to its customers. Its current clients include small, locally-based businesses, such as: