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How Geotarget Worked With HAB Dentistry to Achieve Marketing Goals

When Dr. Rosemary Baghdassarian wanted to build out her customer base for her business, H.A.B. Dental, in Boynton Beach, FL, she knew that location-based digital marketing would be part of the strategy. But in the crowded, competitive marketplace of Boynton Beach, standing out was going to be a challenge. That’s when she started to look for location-based advertising companies.

You can’t find people that are credible and do what they are going to say but Geotarget does.

Dr. Baghdassarian came to Geotarget in June, 2019. Geotarget’s goal for H.A.B. was simple: become the best-known dental office in their community. With this goal in mind, specialists at Geotarget worked with Dr. Baghdassarian and used local targeting data to outline that customer base. Then, they worked to produce video marketing content tailored specifically to that audience, going through several rounds of edits until the team at H.A.B. was completely satisfied with the result.

They are easy to work with, they deliver on time, and are just amazing.

Location-based targeting specialists at Geotarget started building the campaign with a geofencing strategy. They selected several businesses with a similar customer demographic and targeted only homeowners above a certain age and a certain income. Geotarget also geofenced and targeted several competitors in the immediate vicinity, a nearby country club, and several communities that fit the target demographic—as well as new movers to the area.

With the target demographics set, Geotarget delivered video and static ads through a comprehensive, cross-platform approach. Users within the geofenced areas received ads via social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The target audience also received location-based mobile advertising while visiting websites, playing games, and using other apps on their phone.

Geotarget gave Dr. Baghdassian access to her own personal dashboard so she could easily track itemized performance metrics in real-time. After the initial launch of the campaign indicated positive results, and since then her dedicated team at Geotarget holds monthly meetings where they work to continually refine and improve their campaign.

I have patients that come in say “we saw you on YouTube, we saw you here” and that is all because of what Geotarget did.

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Since launching the campaign in August of 2019, results started out promising and have continually improved. Her videos alone received more than 200,000 views in which people watched 50% or more of the video. At the current time, Geotarget has achieved an incredible view rate of 69% of viewers watching 50% or more of the video.

H.A.B.’s campaign has undergone 78 iterations to date. Geotarget helps to keep both content and content delivery fresh, by adding new iterations of video and static ads and adding new games and applications to its mobile-based advertising platform to enhance performance. With each iteration, Geotarget ups ad efficiency by excluding people who don’t fit the criteria. In doing so, H.A.B. is advertising to a highly-curated, concentrated section of people who are most likely to become customers. That means fewer wasted dollars and a higher engagement rate.

Geotarget records and reports scores of quantitative data to help inform strategy, but what is most promising and most reassuring is the qualitative feedback the team gets from Dr. Baghdassarian. Along with Dr. Baghdassarian, Geotarget reaches out to all of its clients  This tells the team that they are delivering the right message to the right people with enough repetition to accomplish the goal: become the best-known dental office in their community.

As Geotarget does for all of its clients, they have agreed to work exclusively with H.A.B. in this target demographic, meaning Dr. Baghdassarian doesn’t have to worry about her competitors benefitting from Geotarget’s services or having access to their data.

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