How Harper & Itani Insurance is Becoming the Best-Known Agent in Titusville, FL

How Harper & Itani Insurance is Becoming the Best-Known Agent in Titusville, FL

Charlene Harper was looking for a way to help her business, Harper & Itani Insurance, attract more clients from the competitive insurance marketplace of Titusville, Florida. After researching different marketing options, she decided a location-based marketing solution might be the best tool for her business.

But there was a problem: most location-based marketing agencies focus their attention for big, national brands with big, national budgets, which are out of reach for many small business owners. That’s when Harper found GeoTarget, which specializes in offering affordable, efficient, and effective location-based marketing packages to small, local businesses just like Harper & Itani Insurance.

The situation

When Harper came to GeoTarget, she and the team came up with one goal for her business: become the best-known insurance agency among her target audience. They discussed her current client base, her messaging and marketing efforts, and her ideal client. After the initial meeting, the team at GeoTarget sprang into action, producing and editing video content for the Harper & Itani Insurance campaign. Once Harper gave her input, the team edited and re-edited the video until everyone was completely on board with the content.

How GeoTarget got it done.

The team at GeoTarget developed an initial strategy that geofenced a popular retailer with a compatible client base less than a mile from the Harper & Itani Insurance office, along with several local churches in the area. They chose to target only homeowners aged 30-55 with a household income over a specific threshold.

After the target demographics were set, GeoTarget began to deliver ads across a comprehensive set of platforms. People matching the demographic information within the geofenced areas received ads while using Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Targeted users were also delivered location-based mobile advertising while using apps, playing games, or visiting websites.

Like all GeoTarget clients, Harper has had 24/7 access to her own personal dashboard since the campaign launched. This has allowed her to easily track performance metrics in real-time and see results for herself, whenever she wants. Nonetheless, she and her team at GeoTarget have monthly meetings where they discuss results and strategies to continue to improve the campaign.

The results.

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By every measure, the campaign for Harper & Itani Insurance has been a success. Among a highly targeted audience, there have been more than 130,000 views of 50% of the video or more. When those ads were delivered over Google and YouTube nearly seven out of 10 watched more than 50% of the video. This means that, by and large, GeoTarget has been sending the right content to the right people.

To date, Harper’s team at GeoTarget has made 178 iterations to the campaign. In each of these iterations, the team has worked to refine the audience more and more—increasing the efficiency and impact of each of Harper’s advertising dollars along the way.

But for both Harper and GeoTarget, impressions and view rates aren’t the ultimate goal—building name recognition and a client base is. That’s why it’s the real-world feedback that ultimately matters more. And on that level, the campaign has been a runaway success.

Harper says she has seen first-hand the tremendous impact GeoTarget’s location-based marketing campaign has had on her business and says she gets constant feedback from her community about her ads. Following the success of her campaign, Harper has decided to not only continue her marketing services with GeoTarget, she’s also increasing her service package.

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