How A1 Quick Oil Became Best-Known in Their Market with GeoTarget

How A1 Quick Oil Became Best-Known in Their Market with GeoTarget

As a nearly four-decade veteran of the automotive repair business, Bobby Danford, owner of A1 Quick Oil, knows just about all there is to know about fixing and maintaining cars. But when it came time to expand his customer base, he wanted to know more about location-based marketing. With a competitive local market in Hammond, Louisiana, standing out from the crowd is a real challenge.

Typically, location-based marketing agencies are geared towards large national chains, but GeoTarget specializes in small businesses just like Danford’s—offering affordable and effective targeted marketing packages to help them build their brands.

The situation

When Danford came to Geotarget in June of 2020, he had one main goal: establish A1 Quick Oil as the best-known service shop in the Hammond market. He and his GeoTarget spent time talking about his goals, his current customers, and his messaging. After signing up, the team at Geotarget got right to work producing video content hand-tailored to the target audience. The video was written, shot, edited, and re-edited until Danford and his team were completely satisfied with the result.

How GeoTarget got it done

GeoTarget’s location-based marketing specialists designed a strategy based on their research, experience, and Danford’s goals. After researching other businesses in the area, the team geofenced several nearby retailers with compatible customer bases, along with the nearby University. Special attention was paid to car owners in these areas.

Once the team set the initial target audience, they started delivering video and static ads across a variety of platforms. People using Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram within the geofenced areas received ads for A1 Quick Oil. Ads were also delivered to people as they browsed the web, played games, and used other apps.

All GeoTarget customers get their own personal dashboard to track itemized results in real-time. With his dashboard, Danford didn’t have to wait for meetings and check-ins to know how his campaigns were performing. After the initial round of ads returned enough results to analyze, the team began regularly refining its targeting efforts.

The results.

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The initial results for the A1 Quick Oil campaign were promising and have continued to improve. Since the campaign’s launch in late July 2020, A1’s video ads have been viewed more than 115,000 times by people from a highly targeted and specific audience. More than six out of 10 who viewed ads on Google and YouTube watched more than 50% of the video, reflecting a high degree of interest and engagement from the target audience.

GeoTarget has made 72 iterations to A1 Quick Oil’s campaign to date. With each iteration, GeoTarget’s specialists refine the campaign’s targeting, creating a smaller delivery audience that is increasingly likely to engage with A1’s ads, meaning fewer wasted ad dollars and a higher rate of engagement for Danford. His team remains busy tweaking messaging and delivery channels, focusing efforts on things that work and diverting energy and money away from things that don’t. 

While GeoTarget keeps highly granular quantitative data and uses it to help inform strategy, it’s the qualitative feedback from clients that supports that data and makes it real. Danford says he remains consistently pleased with his name recognition in his community and the amount of new customers that come through his doors every month. The numbers show us that the campaign is working to make A1 Quick Oil the best-known service shop among his target audience and the real-world feedback confirms it.

GeoTarget makes a commitment to all of its clients to not work with any of their competitors. That means Danford can be assured he will continue to be the best-known service shop in his target market without his competition having access to GeoTarget’s services. 

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