Local Targeting

What is Local Targeting

Local Targeting is the use of location-based technology and data to deliver ads to people by region, city, zip code, neighborhood or even a precise radius within a neighborhood.

This form of granular geotargeting makes it possible to sell local products and services or drive foot traffic to brick and mortar establishments like restaurants and retail stores.

Local Targeting for Local Businesses

If you run a local business such as a real estate company that offers services only within certain cities in the Denver Metro area, would you want to pay for people in New York to see your ads? No! 

Similarly, if you run a jewelry store in Downtown Los Angeles, wouldn’t you much rather target people within driving distance of your store?

In both cases, local targeting will allow you to serve content to the right audience, i.e., people who are likely to be interested in your products and services.  

National & International Brands

Local targeting is not just for local businesses. If you run a national or international brand, you can leverage local targeting to serve content to locations where you are most likely to find customers.

For example, someone who runs an e-commerce store that sells Indian Ethnic Wear in the US will have a better return on investment by targeting people in New York and Chicago with a higher concentration of Indian Americans than nationwide.

Location targeting will also allow you to deliver relevant content with location-specific landing pages.

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