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How GeoTarget Helped Okeechobee Army Surplus Become Best-Known

When Dale wanted to build local recognition for his store, Okeechobee Army Suplus, he knew that location-based digital marketing had worked for other businesses, but he wasn’t sure how it would work for a surplus store like his. But becoming best-known in the community of Okeechobee, FL was important to him, so he was open to the idea.

Getting Started With Geotarget

Dale came to Geotarget in December 2019. He was excited about the idea of delivering his message to his most ideal customers around the Okeechobee area, so our professional video team got right to work. While they worked hand-in-hand with Dale to craft the perfect message, Geotarget’s local targeting specialists got to work gathering data about his customer base and the surrounding area.

After several drafts, a full professional video shoot, and a few rounds of edits, Dale and his team were completely satisfied with the video ad and ready to launch.

Reaching the Ideal Target Audience

Geotarget’s digital marketing specialists found that law enforcement officials and people with military affiliations were a large part of Okeechobee Army Surplus’ customer base. People with an expressed interest in hunting and fishing also made up a significant proportion of that base.

The team decided to target these users by setting up age and demographic filters to match. Then, they geofenced a major nearby retailer with a similar clientele. Mobile phone users who matched the demographic filters within the geofenced areas received ads while they surfed the web, watched videos on YouTube, and even while they played games on their phone. Ads also targeted users as they browsed social media apps and sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Like it does for all of its clients, GeoTarget built Dale his own customized dashboard where could track results in real-time alongside his dedicated team. Rather than wait for our reports or have to call or email to get data, the dashboard allows him and his team to monitor the success of their campaign instantly, 24/7.

Achieving Real Results

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GeoTarget launched Dale’s campaign on December 30, 2019. Right away, the results were impressive and have only gotten better as the campaign has matured. His videos have received 21,000 views on Google and YouTube alone within a small, narrowly defined audience. Of those, 67% watched more than half of the video, indicating a high degree of interest in people who were targeted.

Okeechobee Army Surplus’ campaign has undergone 27 iterations to date. With each iteration, Dale’s dedicated team at GeoTarget continues to refine the demographic targeting filters A/B testing different ad variations and delivery methods to find the most successful combinations. As these changes continue to exclude people who are unlikely to shop at Okeechobee Army Surplus’ the success rate and efficiency of the ads grows. That means more engagement and fewer wasted ad dollars as the campaign goes on.

The reporting data from this campaign tells us that it has reached the people he wants to reach and has made meaningful impressions on them. But while those numbers look great for GeoTarget, we know that the quantitative successes don’t mean much if they don’t convert to real-world results. That’s why the team was elated to hear Dale tell them that since he launched his campaign, people in Okeechobee recognize him on the street and know his business. By that measure, the campaign has helped Dale make significant progress towards becoming the best-known business of his kind in his community.

He won’t have to worry about competition much either, as GeoTarget guarantees all its clients full exclusivity. As long as we work with Okeechobee Army Surplus, we won’t work with any other similar business in the area. Dale’s success is our success, and we want to ensure his path to victory in his market is as clear as possible.

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